O-Rings for the Water Treatment & Wastewater Industry

Infrastructure management in the water treatment and wastewater industry is critical to ensure more than a reliable water supply. Impure water is detrimental to the public’s health, and wastewater leakage can present an environmental concern. Water treatment and wastewater facilities are responsible for safe and regulated handling of purified water and waste, and the industry requires dependable equipment.

Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. is a distributor of high-quality standard and specialty sealing devices. With over three decades of industry knowledge and an ever-expanding product line, we can work with you when choosing the proper O-ring solution from our extensive catalog for your application.

O-Ring Applications in the Water Treatment & Wastewater Industry

Water treatment facilities aim to supply safe, potable water to populations all over the world. To achieve this, plants must ensure that their processes and systems do not introduce any contaminants into the water supply during purification and transport. In wastewater plants, it is equally important that the wastewater flow does not escape through openings in piping.

O-rings are a type of water pipe gasket or seal with a cross-section shaped to fit a specific application. When appropriately sized, fitted, and made of the proper materials, water filter O-rings provide tight seals that prevent any wastewater leakage from facility infrastructure while also keeping harmful particles or bacteria from entering purified water flow.

Benefits of Using O-Rings from Arizona Sealing Devices

Arizona Sealing Devices specializes in the production of high-quality, cost-effective seals in a wide variety of internal diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) sizes, cross-sectional (CS) widths and shapes, and design configurations to meet the unique demands of clients in numerous industries. To best fit a particular application, we offer a range of material options, including Buna/Nitrile for high strength and corrosion resistance, AflasĀ® for chemical and temperature resistance, silicone rubber for medical-grade or static seals, and much more.

Our O-rings provide a reliable seal that keeps contaminants out. As an ISO 9001:2015- and AS9120B-accredited company, we supply trustworthy products that comply with all industry regulations and exceed your sealing demands. We also supply O-rings that meet specific standards, such as food-grade seals and vulcanized seals for increased liquid impermeability.

Types of O-Rings

Although all O-rings have the same general shape, they may be divided into three major types, dependent upon the shape of their cross-section.

  • Round O-rings. These have a round cross-section and are the most common type of O-ring for their versatility. Standard O-rings achieve a strong seal while requiring relatively little compressive force, sealing against loss in all directions.
  • Square O-rings. These rings feature a square cross-section, which permits them to establish a firm seal even when working with a flawed surface.
  • Quad O-rings. These are sometimes referred to as X-rings due to their X-shaped cross-section. A quad O-ring’s shape consists of four intersecting lobes that, compared to round O-rings, provide double the sealing area while utilizing relatively little compressive force.

O-Rings from Arizona Sealing Devices

Since 1989, Arizona Sealing Devices has specialized in high-quality sealing solutions. Our team of professionals is well-versed in assisting customers to determine the optimal solution for their specific requirements. In addition to O-rings, we offer an array of clamps, gaskets, caps, plugs, oil seals, and seal kits. To better serve our customers, we also provide packaging, kitting, CAD, and customized shipping services.

Arizona Sealing Devices aims to be a one-source answer to your sealing needs. With our commitment to quality and strict compliance with industry standards, when it comes to orders for complex or unique applications, our team is up to the challenge. Contact us today for more information on our comprehensive O-ring line and our value-added services.