Sealing Caps

About Sealing Caps

Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. supplies several types of caps for protecting threaded and unthreaded fittings, tubes, and other components from dust, grease, and damage. A sealing cap can be used to effectively mask the end of a component during painting, powder coating, or other finishing processes. Many can also be used as plugs to seal or close off holes and openings in equipment or parts.

In addition to cap sealing products, we offer o-rings, stoppers, gaskets, and seals for industrial, automotive, aerospace, and medical applications. Light assembly, kitting, marking, packing, and inventory management services are also available.

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Types Of Sealing Caps

Our caps come in many designs and materials and in a variety of inner diameters. Caps fall into these general categories:

Tapered Paper Caps

Paper sealing caps are made from a mix of post-consumer and new materials and are recyclable. They do not promote condensation and are a cost-effective alternative to silicone or plastic caps for painting and powder-coating applications.

Threaded Caps

Threaded caps fit on the end of a threaded fitting to protect it from dust, grease, or thread damage. They are easy to install and remove by hand with no tools needed. They are made from durable LDPE plastic or aluminum materials.

Non-Threaded Caps

Non-threaded plastic caps provide similar protection to fittings, tubes, and other components. Non-tapered easy-pull caps are excellent for masking applications, while dual-function caps have a tapered design so they can be used for masking or to plug holes of varying diameters when inverted. Materials include vinyl, LDPE, silicone, and EDPM, with many shapes available.

Tear Tab Caps

Tear tabs offer a quick and user-friendly way to quickly remove caps that do not need to be reinstalled. They are available in many sizes and some in NPT and SAE/JIC thread variations. 

Sealing Cap Industry Applications

Our sealing caps are used in many industries to protect components during painting and finishing as well as during transportation and storage. Examples include: 

Painting & Powder Coating

Masking caps are a faster, more precise alternative to hand taping cylindrical components, fittings, and tubes. Paper and polymer caps are used to prevent coatings from reaching threaded or plain ends in these and other finishing processes:

  • Painting and powder coating
  • Plating
  • E-coating
  • Anodizing

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry relies on tamper-evident caps to protect various medications. These caps feature a small plastic ring at the bottom, which can be disconnected from the cap by turning or twisting it. These caps are critical for pharmaceutical products, as they serve as an indicator that a container has already been opened.

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Screw caps are very common in the personal care and cosmetics industries. They provide a highly secure seal to ensure the content’s freshness and longevity.

Food & Beverage

Caps used within the food and beverage industry must meet high food-grade standards. These caps are specially designed to ensure the quality and safety of food and other consumable products.

Quality Sealing Caps from Arizona Sealing Devices

Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. is a leading supplier of protective caps for sealing out paint, coatings, dust, and moisture during finishing, shipping, and storage. We also supply a range of o-rings and gaskets, along with assembly and kitting services. 

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