Water & Flow Management Sealing Devices

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A water sealing system is required to properly operate many pumping procedures, such as those with packing and mechanical seals. It serves three main functions: cooling the seal and shaft, lubricating the seal, and flushing impurities from the system. On the other hand, sealing devices are required to prevent leakages, which is critical in reducing the expenses and energy necessary to produce and pump water. Furthermore, fewer leaks boost the dependability and efficiency of a company’s water and flow management system.

Arizona Sealing Devices is an ISO-certified distributor of sealing devices designed to meet industry needs. We are committed to offering high-quality products and components suitable for various applications, including water and flow management.

Water Sealing Devices & Strategies

In addition to saving money and energy, reducing seal water use improves equipment efficiency and seal reliability and adheres to strict environmental regulations. Several devices and strategies for water conservation are listed below:

Control Pumps and Valves

Control pumps and valves are mechanically operated for sealing systems, such as household taps. They also enable operators to flush the system with seal water when cooling is required. However, users frequently leave valves open, increasing consumption, wastewater output, and the need for filtering. To combat these issues, monitoring the valves and only opening them upon use is recommended.

Flow Meters

Flow meters are equipped with two valves that regulate and optimize the flow and pressure of seal water through a metering tube. They also provide pressure and flow readings, which the user can adjust as needed. Furthermore, flow meters can reduce seal water consumption by up to 90% compared to unmetered systems.

Smart Water Control Systems

Smart water control systems provide the most advanced alternative for seal water conservation, lowering usage by up to 97%. They also use O-Rings and specialized gaskets to control consumption based on seal temperature, allowing the water to only flow through the system when cooling is required. Furthermore, they reuse the same water multiple times. When the temperature reaches a certain level, it drains and is replaced immediately with a fresh batch.

Seal Water Pots

Seal water pots contain several gallons of water and are linked to the seals via hoses. The system works by constantly circulating the liquid between the seal and the tank, which reduces usage and eliminates wastewater output.

Water Filtration

Filtration is essential to water and flow management, especially when impurities clog the system and cause premature wear and tear on the seal and other components. Custom O-Rings and molded parts usually accompany several filtration systems, such as inline and multilayer filters.

Applications of Water Sealing Devices

Sealing devices are used in various applications where adequate water and flow management is required. The following are the sectors that benefit from and utilize sealing devices:

Plumbing Industry

Plumbing extensively uses water traps, which serve as a barrier from pathogenic organisms in the drainage system, sewer lines, and workspaces. They also keep odors, gases, and insects from returning up the pipes and into the system. Moreover, the trap’s construction creates the water seal, effectively removing gas smells and ensuring all pollutants are vented outside.

Pool and Spa Industry

Water pump mechanical seals are commonly used in the pool and spa industries for managing their consumption. They are specifically utilized for residential and commercial swimming pools, shower pumps, central heating systems, irrigation, and light fluid duties.

Industrial Plants

Water seals secure industrial planting procedures and prevent leaks, protecting workers and the environment. As a result, they positively impact the system’s process reliability, accessibility, and economic viability. Sealing technology also offers significant cost savings through compatible design and standardization.

Other industrial applications of water sealing devices include the following:

  • Medical
  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Aviation
  • Food and beverage

Enhance Your Water and Flow Management With Arizona Sealing Devices

Arizona Sealing Devices offers seals, pumps, and water tight gaskets that complement our customers’ water and flow management systems. We also use various materials to create high-quality O-rings, gaskets, plugs, and other seal-making devices. Moreover, our standard and metric products meet industry standards, such as ISO, military, and FDA requirements.

At Arizona Sealing Devices, we are open to diversifying and do not limit ourselves to serving a single industry! Instead, we innovate and create new products and services tailored to specific applications.

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